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Do You Know Why Down Syndrome is Called Trisomy 21?

By July 8, 2021December 7th, 2022No Comments2 min read
Trisomy 21

Do you know why Down Syndrome is called Trisomy 21? First, the name Trisomy refers to the condition in which there are three instances of chromones instead of two. Trisomy 21, therefore, refers to the condition where the chromosome number 21 is in threes instead of two.

You see, during conception, the baby receives 23 chromosomes from the mother and the same number from the father. In total, the baby will have 46 chromosomes which is what a healthy baby or individual should have.

However, during cell division, errors occurs and as a result the chromosome number 21 gets three chromosomes instead of two. The result will be that the bay will have 47 chromosomes instead of 46. This error results to the baby having extra genetic material.

Sadly, the end result can be drastic. One thing to note is, genes are responsible for the way we are, look like and behave. Addition or subtraction of these genetic material means that something in us will be altered.

Symptoms of Trisomy 21

This is seen through physical manifestation like; slow intellectual development, slanted eyes, flattened nose, heavy toungue, short fingers and so on. All this as a result of an exaggerated amount of genetic material.

These are some of the physical traits of Trisomy 21. One in every 800 children is born with Down Syndrome. In developed countries, ultra sound and various tests are conducted on the mother and unborn child to detect any anomalies on the unborn child.

Moreover, in some countries, if the unborn baby is likely to have a genetic condition, parents are given the choice to terminate the pregnancy. What is your opinion on this?

Would you terminate a pregnancy if your unborn child was found to be suffering from a genetic condition? For example Down Syndrome? Leave a comment and let me know how you feel about this.

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