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Food Campaign

Raising a child living with a disability is expensive. Too many costs are involved among them being therapy, food, medical checkups, shadow teachers and more.

Parents often find themselves in a dilemma of choosing between buying food and medicine. None of these can be deprioritized as most kids depend on medicine to manage symptoms and improve their quality of life.

Food Donation

The financial strain on families with individuals living with Developmental Disabilities is significant as they are already living below the poverty line. The cost of caring for a child with a Developmental Disability can be overwhelming. The main expenses may include weekly therapies, medications, unplanned doctor visits, and special diets. Such a demanding lifestyle is simply unmanageable for those living in poverty.

These various needs are interconnected, with one aspect impacting the others. For instance, many children require anti-convulsant medicine, and skipping doses can seriously affect their quality of life.

Important to note, that taking the medication on an empty stomach is not recommended, making access to sufficient food crucial.

At a crossroads between medicine and food, parents of children with Developmental Disabilities often face heart-wrenching decisions. They must choose between prioritizing essential medication or providing adequate nourishment for their child.

Moreover, recognizing the critical importance of both, Extend A Plate aims to lift the burden of food provision from these families, enabling them to concentrate on purchasing the necessary medications.

Your food donation goes a long way in making a difference!





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