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Down Syndrome: Mismatched Socks

By March 21, 2023No Comments2 min read
Mismatched socks to represent Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome and mismatched socks, is there a relationship?

Every 21st March, we celebrate World Down Syndrome Day to raise awareness about Down syndrome and advocate for the rights of individuals living with the condition. This date signifies the uniqueness of the triplication (trisomy) of the 21st chromosome which causes Down syndrome.

Down Syndrome simply means having extra chromosomes in the body. This chromosome is usually the 21st one.

A common activity to mark this day and show support to individuals living with Down Syndrome is wearing mismatched socks. The organisers of World Down Syndrome Day started the culture of wearing odd socks. Socks look like chromosomes. They highlight the fact that people with Down Syndrome have an extra chromosome.

This year’s theme for World Down Syndrome Day is With Us Not For Us. Society is encouraged to view an individual with Down Syndrome as having the right to be treated fairly and has the same opportunities as everyone else, working with others to improve their lives.

Additionally, individuals living with Down Syndrome do not have proper support systems. Most of these do things for them and not with them depriving them of the freedom to make their own choices.

How you can participate in World Down Syndrome

  • Attend a Down Syndrome event to show your support.
  • Donate to a charity affiliated with Down Syndrome awareness.
  • Use the hashtag #Withusnotforus on social media and encourage others to join in
  • Wear anything blue and yellow. These are the main colours

In the end, don’t forget that having the opportunity to celebrate Down syndrome is itself a victory. With more knowledge and understanding, we can work toward a better future. A future where people with Down syndrome are treated with acceptance and respect.

Lastly, with more knowledge and understanding, we can build a society of true inclusiveness that celebrates diversity and raises awareness of the beauty in our world. And that’s something every one of us should be doing on World Down syndrome Day and every day of the year.


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