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Giving Tuesday

By December 6, 2022No Comments2 min read
Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is a global generosity movement that is unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world.

The idea behind Giving Tuesday is simple: get people involved in supporting each other, while also raising awareness and money for causes they care about. It’s all about getting active, getting together, and doing good!

At Geuza Wazo, we pride in not only creating awareness on Developmental Disabilities but also running charity drives to help families in need.  Through the Diaper for Dignity campaign, families get relief on some of the mot expensive needs.

Our Goals

This year, we want to raise money to help donate diapers to individuals living with developmental disabilities.  The cost of raising children with special needs can be incredibly high. Parents find themselves at cross roads and have to decide between placing food on the table, getting medicine and diapers. Sometimes, parents and individuals living with Developmental Disabilities substitute diapers with old newspapers. Old and soiled newspapers can be uncomfortable and unpleasant if used in the place of diapers. They can cause infections and burns too if left unchanged for long hours. Moreover, we believe that every child deserves dignity and respect regardless of where they come from. 

For the past one year, we have been donating diapers with the aim of alleviating the financial burden on parents who are struggling to provide for their families. More than 20 families have benefited from the cause. With your help, we believe 2023 our reach will be bigger.  We aim to provide diapers, medicine and food baskets to more families. By donating or buying merchandise from us, you help us take one step to our goal; donating diapers, food and medicine.

To donate or buy merch, please visit this link.

If you’re using Mpesa:

Paybill: 4087571
Acc: 5313560018




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