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Top 6 Special Education Schools In Kisumu

By March 17, 2024No Comments2 min read

Top 6 Special Education Schools in Kisumu


In this blog, we will be exploring special education in Kisumu, Kenya. 


Special schools play a vital role in nurturing the potential of children with disabilities, offering tailored learning experiences, therapeutic support, and a nurturing environment for holistic development. 


If you’re curious about physiotherapy centers in Kisumu and their impact on children with disabilities, check out our article on 10 [Physiotherapy Centers in Kisumu here.

1. St Martin´s Deppores Special School For Learners with Cerebral Palsy


This is a school for children with Cerebral Palsy. It was registered on 31st July 2006. The School is located in Nyakach sub-county.


Phone: +254722 593846 or +254738 767847



To read more on the history of the school, click here.


2. Kibos School For The Blind

A public mixed primary school that is located in Muhoroni Constituency, Kisumu County.


Phone: (+254) 0722633389.



3. Nyabondo Rehabilitation Centre


This institution focuses on providing rehabilitation services and education to children with disabilities, including physical and intellectual disabilities. They offer a supportive learning environment and aim to empower students to reach their full potential.



Contact Person: Paul Atieno Ayumba


4. Nyaburi Integrated School


The Nyaburi Integrated School is located near the Kendu Bay Adventist Hospital and is noteworthy for serving the needs of children with disabilities.

5. Homabay Children´s  Home


Homabay Children´s  Home was started when a mother was struck by lightning leaving behind a one-week-old baby. The missionaries, not knowing what to do, took in the baby. This institution was formed as a result in 1969.


The school is located in Asego near Homabay town.


Phone: +254 059-22312

6. Magadi Special Unit


Magadi Special Unit School is a public primary school in Kondele. This school is run by a religious organization. 


It is a day school. This educational institution is an ordinary and mixed type of institution. The pupil-to-classroom ratio in this school is 22:1 and the pupil-to-toilet ratio is 11:1. 


Contact Information is not available


Special schools play an invaluable role in nurturing the potential of children with disabilities. These schools provide tailored learning experiences, therapeutic support, and a nurturing environment for holistic development, empowering each child to thrive. 


To complement these efforts, services like physiotherapy further enhance the well-being of children with disabilities. 


For more information on education matters, including special education initiatives and policies, we encourage you to visit the website of the Ministry of Education. 

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